‘Battle Of The band’ is a contest for local bands from wide range of genre and different style, they compete for the title ‘Best Band’! The aims is to provide local young musicians with an opportunity to showcase their music in front of large audience. 

SoundCircus have always supported local talent since 2017 especially new and upcoming bands and artist. Like how Art of Speed always try to support the small custom workshop by providing platform to showcase their workmanship and product, SoundCircus also provides platform for new and upcoming bands to have first – hand experience. 

SoundCircus also want to uplift the music scene in Malaysia, and Battle of the band is one way to show support and promote the local music scene for a larger audience.


Chlypdy (pronounced ‘cili padi’) is a Malaysian 4-piece indie rock band formed in 2019. The group comprises of Qalish (vocal,second guitar), Faris (lead guitar), Dedek (bassist) and Ezzard (drums). 

Chlypdy made their first public appearance in a battle of the band ‘ Pop Goes Rock’ held in UKM in 2019. In this debut, they achieved 5th placing out of 11 bands performing.

Chlypdy plays various malay rock music. Their big influence are XPDC, M.Nasir, Def-Gab-C, Oasis, Bittersweet & Grey SkyMorning. Their shared interest in the old school rock music and fans of bands of this genre have sparked the formation of Chlypdy.


Formed in 2018 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Consecrate is a fairly young band consisting of young music college students. Although they are influenced with all kinds of genres, hardcore punk is still relevant in their hearts. Consecrate’s approach to songwriting is influenced by a wide range of genres and bands.

On 2019, They’ve just recently released a five-track EP called Trials together with the help of friends from a local label called Freshtown Records. This EP is an introduction of their music to the small and still growing underground scene in Malaysia. Although they have a convincing hardcore punk character (or not) , Consecrate is just a small band with big goals. Trials is a fairly packed mini album with a rough
edge but also makes you feel that “something”.


Kazim telah ditubuhkan pada tanggal 6 Mei 2019 yang dianggotai oleh 4 orang sekawan yang tinggal di Kampung Manjoi, Ipoh Perak yang terdiri daripada Musz sebagai pemain gitar utama dan vokal, Ee sebagai pemain gitar bass, Yen sebagai pemain gitar kedua dan Dauz sebagai pemain Drum. Dengan kerjasama empat sekawan, Kazim berjaya ditubuhkan dan diketuai oleh Musz. Pada tahun 2021, pemain guitar bass asal, Ee telah menarik diri daripada band dan telah dianggotai oleh ahli baru iaitu Amin Hazriel sebagai pemain gitar bass dan Achik sebagai vokal utama.


MUNUA adalah band 3 piece yang berasal dari KualaLumpur dan bergenre post-punk. Untuk peminat muzik dari band seperti Fugazi, Idles dan RiseAgainst.

Band ini mempunyai seorang bassist, seorang drummer dan seorang vokalis. Apa yang membuatkan band-band lain dan soundman berkerut dahi adalah bassist kami bermain line bass dan gitar serentak.
Ini membuatkan sesi soundcheck menjadi lebih singkat dan akan memudahkan pihak organizer dikemudian hari.


ZEROPHOBIA are malaysian band originally based from selangor,
malaysia. they play as a post-hardcore band with a heavy and
melodic kind of music.

Zerophobia have recorded their debut single entitled “jahil!
early 2018. “jahil” is available on youtube and other music
streaming platform. Their debut single got a lots of positive
feed back from the audience.

Zerophobia were consisted by 5 guys who wanted to join malaysian
music scene since they were in high school. zerophobia were
influenced by of mice and men, a day to remember and bring
me the horizon.

The name of “zerophobia” was taken from the word “zero! and
“phobia” which mean that they don’t have any phobia. they don’t
affraid to take any risk for their music career.

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