The Story

‘SHAKA’ better known as “hang loose” or “right on”, is a sentence that is often associated with the concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and unity between the various ethnic cultures living in Hawaii.

#Shakaride is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who see this motorcycle as escapism and the ideal way to enjoy the beauty of any country or place. They see motorcycles as an expression through the art of motorcycle making itself while also being able to experience the local culture and community more closely.

Powered by a V-Twin engine, using a ‘Hard-Tail’ or ‘rigid’ frame with no rear suspension instead attached directly to the frame and the only suspension are directly through the tires. It was a blessing to be able to ride an Oldskool Chopper that is timeless.

#Shakaride is a colalboration with Abah and Son. The special guest is Padin Musa and Hasni from Abah&Sons who have a lot of experience riding motorcycles in Thailand.

With the current monsoon season, a wet ride is expected throughout the journey. After almost 3 months of planning and preparing. We started our journey to Bangkok.

While riding, we learned about the sub-culture and customs of Thai people. 3127 km from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, 400km per day, 18 days of travel by 7 Riders and 1 escort Van.

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Sneak Peek

2020 #artofspeedmy